Avocado Toast with Dairy-Free Feta

As a savory paring for our previous recipe Fluffy Lime and Blueberry Pancakes let me introduce to you the amazing Avocado Toast with Dairy-Free Feta. This sweet and savory toast is a new and absolutely divine addition to the breakfast table.

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Avocado Toast with Dairy-Free Feta (2 servings) 🥑

2 slices of sourdough bread
1 Avocado
1 tbsp Dairy-free feta cheese (I used Violife Greek White)
Agave syrup

Making the toasts:

  1. Peel and divide the avocado into two. Cut both avocado halves into thin slices while keeping the avocado halves in their original shape. Spread each slices avocado half with the flat side of the knife flat so that you’re left with a layer of sliced avocado.
  2. Toast the sourdough bread slices and transfer each sliced avocado layer on to the toasted bread.
  3. Finish the toasts by crumbling up half of the dairy-free feta to each slice of bread. Add salt and pepper on top of the feta and drizzle a bit of agave syrup on top of everything. Then just ENJOY 💚

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