5-Minute Fall French Toast

This recipe got it’s beginning from a couple of old slices of bread that I found from our cupboards the other day. Super simple, easy and QUICK recipe to satisfy that sweet tooth 🤩

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French Toast 🍞

6 slices of bread  
2 dl Oat milk (or another plant based milk of your choice)   
3 tsp Sugar   
1 tsp Cinnamon   
1 tsp Cardamom   
½ tsp Cloves 
1-2 tsp Vegan butter

Toppings ✨

Biscoff spread 
Maple syrup

Making the french toast:

  1. Add the milk, sugar and spiced to a bowl and mix together until the sugar has dissolved. Dip the bread to the milk mixture on both sides and set aside to wait.
  2. Heat the vegan butter on a pan and fry each bread slice from both sides until the slices turn slightly golden.
  3. Plate the french toast slices and finish the dish by adding maple syrup and Biscoff spread on top. Then ENJOY đź’›

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