Captain Hook and Watermelon Tapas

It’s Friday again, which means it’s now time to welcome the second recipe for our Deliciously Vegan Tapas series! This fun and exciting combo of sweet, savory, tangy and spicy is a bomb combination for every occasion when you feel like having fireworks in your mouth.

Captain Hook (1 serving)ūüćĻ

4 cl Rum
3 cl Pineapple juice
2 cl Lemon juice
2 cl Lime juice
1,5 cl Grenadine

Watermelon Tapas ūüćČ

¬Ĺ Small watermelon‚ÄČ
1 dl Green olives‚ÄČ
1 dl Kalamata olives‚ÄČ
Fresh basil leaves‚ÄČ
Zest of 2 limes‚ÄČ
1 Chopped red chili (circles)

Making Captain Hook:

  1. To make the drink, add all of the Captain Hook ingredients to a shaker. Shake the drink for 1 minute. Pour into the glass of your choice and garnish with a wedge of lime and a chili.

Making the Watermelon Tapas:

  1. Cut the watermelon into 2 cm x 2 cm cubes. Dip one side of each watermelon cube gently to the lime zest.
  2. To half of the dipped watermelon add a slice of red chili and a kalamata olive. Secure the tapas with a toothpick.
  3. To the other half, add a leaf of basil and a green olive and secure the tapas with a toothpick. Then ENJOY ūüíó

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